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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Why is everybody so GHETTO HAPPY when VERIFIED on #socialmedia?

When I woke up last September 2015 to be told by by Facebook that my account was now verified because I was an authentic global journalist, It was no big deal. My Facebook ads just went up because it was a monetized authenticity factor thing and I converted it to a premium page. Now it's become a ghetto thing. Being verified on Facebook is more powerful on Twitter says the experts but the real fact is that many verified on Twitter are not verified on Facebook and vice versa.

Gidi Traffic and Beat FM Ibadan got verified on Twitter this week and I was just laughing on my timeline seeing people congratulating Gidi Traffic like it's a big deal. Some even say it was "long overdue".

These people don't know Ann Coulter the conservative commentator and how long it took for Jack Dorsey to verify her. Even Gbemi O-O of Beat FM Lagos was also congratulating Beat FM Ibadan who also got verified this week. This is too too funny. 

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