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Monday, August 22, 2016

#Indonesia: #Nigerian #Igbo man BREAKS DOWN in court as his DEATH PENALTY is confirmed #HNNCrime

Nigerians had mixed reactions on the execution of an Igbo man Felix Izuchukwu Ezimoha. Many felt sorry for him blaming his ordeal on the politicians in the country who have not created meaningful jobs or avenues for the youth. Others said it served him right. Some turned it into a tribal discussion. The basic fact was that he has been peddling drugs for some time and not caught. 

When he was finally caught by Indonesian authorities, he stayed on death row for a while and the photos above signify when the judge affirmed his death penalty by firing squad. Sadly he may have had accomplices even in the airport who knew about his dealings. This is how Nigeria works. It is a lesson for all. 

As for his elaborate funeral show, I personally think it should have been private and not flashy with pallbearers dancing with his casket on their heads. He was definitely not a "HERO" as described on his funeral poster. He was more of a HERO-IN dealer which is what he got caught for. May God forgive his sins.

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