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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Igbo #Nigerian DRUG TRAFFICKER EXECUTED in #Indonesia buried in his Nigerian mansion #HNNCrime

Izuchukwu Ezimoha was from the Igbo origin. Nigerian drug traffickers come in different faces and tribes. The only problem is that they are trafficking drugs into the wrong countries. Nobody should be trafficking in the first place but if you take drugs into Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries, these guys have death penalties and you will be executed. 

Ezimoha's family buried him in his family mansion with fanfare. It was a disgrace. They made huge posters of him clearly saying he died overseas in Indonesia (which was later rubbed out in some online versions) and even called him a HERO. Hero for what? Disgracing his country?


The pall bearers looked stupid dancing with the casket on their heads, the whole thing was a charade. Some people just don't have any shame. That should have been a quiet funeral. I'm an award winning drug abuse counselor. All I have to say is Say no to drugs and Say hell no to drug trafficking. A lesson learnt.

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