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Friday, August 19, 2016

Frank Ocean releases visual album after almost 4 years #HNNMusic

frank ocean
Credits: Helga Esteb

Ocean initially teased a July launch date after more than a year of false starts, having mentioned the project since 2013. On Aug. 1, he began a mysterious livestream that found the 28-year-0ld superstar... doing some hobbyist carpentry for more than nine hours. (The black-and-white video was rumored to be a loop and reportedly the work of director Francisco Soriano—though he deleted the Instagram post taking credit for it.)

Apple Music reportedly has the exclusive rights to Boys Don't Cry for its first two weeks of circulation.

The New York Times reported the album would be released on Aug. 4, along with a video and printed publication component that would be available at Apple Stores. That multi-platform component may explain the delay, as Twitter rumors maintained that the printed magazines had yet to ship.

In the meantime, "Frank Ocean" was a surging trending topic across Twitter in the U.S. as fans complained in solidarity at the beginning of the month.

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