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Friday, August 12, 2016

Drake's dad Dennis Graham launching "Bedroom R&B" career with Jimmy Iovine's son Jamie


Drake's father Dennis Graham is venturing into music with an upcoming R&B album. Producer Jamie Iovine, son of Apple's Jimmy Iovine, has confirmed the project to Rolling Stone after a clip of Graham's debut music video "Kinda Crazy" was leaked by TMZ.

Iovine and Graham initially met during BET Weekend at Epic Fest, with the producer wanting to meet the singer since his father has worked so closely with Drake.

"Dennis had always been sort of a legend around Los Angeles as one of the flyest, smoothest dudes in Hollywood, putting guys my age to shame on a nightly basis," the younger Iovine tells Rolling Stone in an e-mail. "He told me about a project that he was working on that I might be interested in. A few weeks later, he sends me 'Kinda Crazy,' and I thought, 'People need to hear this!' I had no idea what to expect but this guy has a lot of soul and passion for music, and you can see where Drake gets it from."

As heard in the clip posted on TMZ, Graham's music is a brand of sultry, bedroom R&B that his son has often sampled in his own work. Though the project is still in the works, that sound is the main focus for the pair, though it may evolve. "Dennis doesn't want to limit himself to a single genre," Iovine explains. "Now that the word is out, people are hitting us up asking to be a part of this, and we are very excited about the potential this project now has."

With files from Rolling Stone

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