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Friday, August 12, 2016

#BREAKING Thomas Gibson has now been FIRED from the Criminal Minds series


Yesterday we told you that Thomas Gibson was suspended. Now the Studio has fired the 'Criminal Minds' Actor After On-Set Altercation. 
ABC Studios and CBS Television Studios said Friday Gibson was dismissed from the series after the actor allegedly kicked a producer. Gibson, 54, expressed regret Thursday for the incident.

A source confirmed to Page Six that two weeks ago, Gibson, 54, got into a physical fight during filming with co-executive producer Virgil Williams, but insists the fight wasn’t as big of a deal as headlines made it seem.

“It wasn’t like [Gibson] punched him,” the source said. “Williams is a boxer and a martial artist, he’s no angel. He can be very aggressive.”

Williams allegedly instigated the incident, which stemmed from a disagreement over a script. “[Williams] got very aggressive, so Thomas walked away and then he felt like the guy was coming after him. He turned around and kicked just on instinct, like a reflex,” the source added.

With files from Page Six

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