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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Belgrade, Serbia: Protestors Chant 'Vote for Trump' During US Vice President Joe Biden's Visit to City

The demonstration was led by the head of Serbia's ultranationalist Radical Party, Vojislav Seselj. Activists gathered outside Parliament wearing Donald Trump t-shirts and holding "Vote Trump" signs. 

Igor at the Truth about Donald Trump Facebook page wrote:

"Serbia greeted Joe Biden with "Vote for Trump" chants earlier today. The lying crooked media was quick to spin the positive Serbian reaction to a potential Donald Trump presidency, and make it seem like he attracts "ultra-nationalists" (read: fascism) world-wide in a futile attempt to strike more fear in US voters. I speak Serbian and can assure you that some of the protesters' words were taken out of context or mistranslated. The protesters reject the bloodthirsty Obama/Clinton administration and are in full support of Donald Trump's foreign policy: Anti-globalism and a better US-Russian relationship is something the rest of the world can't wait to see! Go Trump!"

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