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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Why I pulled the BIGGEST Publicity Stunt on Nigerians last week--Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

I studied Public Relations and pulled the biggest Publicity stunt last week on my haters. First I posted this magazine the July 2016 issue of Oyo Herald which I made the cover of with a three page interview of my relationship with my dad and my future plans. Two days later I told the world I'm quitting Nigerian story Journalism. Within 6 hours of that announcement, my fathers concubine who is Tokunbo Aboderin's friend called up their errand boy Nicholas Ibekwe of Premium Times to forge up a letter allegedly from my dad describing me as an insane mental patient, got into trouble in Ireland a country I've never been and even said the Ooni of Ife bailed me out of jail in the USA. The only thing I remember is the late Ooni giving me a lavish gift for my 40th birthday in the states. Suddenly Daily Post, Punch and Tribune editors were calling me about the defamation letter on Premium Times. I told them to call my dad. A statement was posted on his Facebook page that he never Premium Times an interview. 

The reliable media printed their own stories. Global Excellence and many magazines had prepared stories on the quitting Nigerian stories when all if a sudden I came out of retirement in 24 hrs. My enemies were defeated. I will deal with Premium Times later. They took the story down for two hours and reposted it. They were not sure as other media went to the source. Next my father went to Adeboye's church. He told my mom and I he went to accept Jesus. Hasn't been in a church 35 yrs and was involved in deep ritualism which I spoke out against. Once again bloggers and magazines syndicated this story saying he went to apologize on my behalf lolz. I'm waiting for him to visit every celebrity I've ripped or investigated. We must speak out the truth about public figures. 

The NPF murder story and N20B tarriff fraud stories are not a figment of my imagination. If in fact my dad apologized on my behalf which is STUPIDITY on his part, then he has contradicted his 2013 Punch interview commending me for my religious views on what he called the "expressway" church aka Redeemed. My father is known for being wishy washy anyway and he's now 81yo with occasional memory problems. How many of his political enemies have I apologized to? Meanwhile Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo is all over the news. I am stronger than ever because of you my fans who believe in me. I will not be canceling my social media tour afterall and will be donating my time to KemisKids Foundation as mentioned.


PLS HELP ME THANK OGA BOLA OLALERE the publisher of this magazine. He contacted me that he will make available the soft copy of this interview to my fans. That way you can really understand if my father disowned me or not. For all I care DENOUNCING his children in public is not what my father does. For starters he doesn't even own me. The reason my last name is still his is because Ive never been married and is the only name I have legally. Remember this magazine came before all the disown palava.

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