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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Why #Biafrans are COWARDS when it comes to the Fulani Herdsmen issue #HNNImpact

Who are Biafrans?

Who exactly are Biafrans today? A section of Igbo Nigerians who want to separate from Nigeria and destabilize our country.

When the director of Radio Biafra was arrested, I got involved online as an activist and journalist in the quest for the release of Kanu, I wrote media outlets in Nigeria to get involved in the protest coverage and give the cause some exposure.

What disturbed me most was that many of these people were brainwashed by Nnamdi Kanu to hate the Hausas and Yorubas and become very tribalistic.

At one point online Biafrans were calling President Buhari a pedophile and chanting their violent slogan #BiafraOrDeath. I went on my Facebook fan page and made an address that I was exiting the Biafra cause if people continue to advocate violence and call other tribes and the president names.

After I exited the foolishness, Biafrans online were so upset that I continued to report about the movement and not an activist in it anymore. A foreign journalist told me I made a mistake by inserting myself into their movement and many of them were very mean-spirited people.

Today Nnamdi Kanu is still in jail and his case keeps getting adjourned each day making him spend more and more time in prison. When the Mile 12 attacks happened in Lagos, Biafrans were blasting me calling me everything from a harlot, prostitute to a DSS spy.

The very same people were calling me Ada Biafra and wishing me well just 3 months ago. They were so disgruntled that I left their movement but continued as a journalist reporting it. They were delighted about the Mile 12, Agatu and Taraba ethnic fighting asking me to cover those instead and leave Biafra alone. Nobody can tell me what to cover. I am known internationally as an award winning journalist. You have no say in what a media outlet or journalist covers.
Between the Fulani herdsmen and Biafra activists

Suddenly the Fulani herdsmen showed up in an Enugu local government called Uzo-Uwani and at least 100 villagers were dead. The Biafrans went silent. IPOB and MASSOB said nothing. These are the same groups willing to fight Nigeria but not attackers in their own backyard. I found these groups as mere cowards.

Recently there were bodies of five Fulani herdsmen found in a shallow grave in Eastern Nigeria and IPOB was allegedly responsible said the Department of State Security Service. The truth has not been revealed yet but why are so many Igbos still continue to display ignorance online?

Many called these Enugu attacks as fake news I was spreading. Many of these people don’t even live in Nigeria sitting in the comfort of their diaspora base uttering rubbish.

I advised them to call home to the villages and cities and inquire about their families instead of disrespecting my work. Who will the herdsmen attack next? They are everywhere! The Anambra and Enugu state government has not addressed the media as of press time and President Buhari has not addressed the herdsmen attacks as a Fulani or a president.

Some say that the herdsmen have come to destroy any form of Biafra from even happening. What bothers me though is the silence of Biafran activists who chant Biafra or death not fighting back in person or online. The silence is deafening.

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