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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Why all Nigerian Men of God are leading Nigerians straight to HELL! #HNNReligion

Enoch Adeboye
Nigerians think I am radical about religion. What they don't know is that religion remains the biggest lie to mankind and they are the radical ones with homophobia and worshipping pastors rather than God. In today's age of ISIS and Christian radicals, religion remains the best avenue to self destruction in Nigeria. Nigerian Christians are amazingly brainwashed to the core due to the infusion of the "Men of God Syndrome"

Too many times, I have exposed and criticized religious men of God in Nigeria. Everything I said about them was questionable by you the people. Anyone I've 'slandered' or 'defamed' could sue me anytime but as a journalist, I have called a lot of them with no successful reply. Men of God like Pastor Adeboye are so contradictory in their social media postings and preachings. The scandals that trail Adeboye go all the way from the alleged shooting of the NPF officer who was said to be a bandit at night. Adeboye's involvement in the famous tariff scandal in said to involve late Stella Obasanjo's name.

I once tweeted Bishop Oyedepo in 2013 on his involvement in the Central Bank of Nigeria scandal moving money in secret accounts way before some fake Australian terrorist expert came into the picture. Many of you saw my tweets a year before Pastor Oritesjesafor's private plane arms scandal came up.

I have been trying to crack where everything fitted in, but now a year later there are so many links with all these stories. Pastors, money laundering, child abuse, theft, adultery, and even murder! I had a report of David Oyedepo's money laundering I revealed and links to Boko Haram via CBN as well as his ban from the UK in August which I broke in Nigeria first, ALONG WITH slapping of a teenage girl calling her a witch.

I also told u in 2013 that TB Joshua will end up killing 20 times the people after the Holy water stampede in Ghana. You cursed me out and a year later 4 dead in the stampede multiplied by 20 is 80 in the synagogue in Lagos.

What is your problem in Nigeria? You make me sick seeing you so brainwashed in bondage worshipping these pastors instead of God himself? They have violated the Ten Commandments. Thou shalt not everything is in my list. Steal, Murder, Adultery. Oyakhilome's sexual romps with his ex-wife is so nauseating that he needs to sit his manhood in a padlocked pair of trousers.

The smaller pastors in Nigeria are accused of everything from rape to hooking up with ritualists and there is no leadership from the top anymore.

I once called Adeboye and Oyedepo gay Pastors on the downlow who preached against homosexuality. Did you ever ask me why? America's Bishop Eddie Long is their pal and to be visiting Long during their trips to America and posting that on Facebook disgusts me as Long was once my pastor before everybody exited his church for having sex with young men in the congregation. So why would Adeboye visit someone like that and I have records of it. What makes you associate with a Gay Pastor and you preach against homosexuality? Gay rights is human rights anyway. I care less what any Nigerian says.

Whatever I say about Jesus is my view and not yours. I love Jesus and God more than a majority of you. Some of you just know and saw Jesus bleeding profusely on the cross but I know his blood type as I am a step ahead of you. To me he was a gay man with 12 followers and men that hang around men all the time are mostly gay. I love Jesus, I love gay people and I love human rights. I will never believe in the bible because it is full of lies written by man.

Begin to dump all these holy books and adopt spirituality which brings you closer to God than looking up through a middle man of God to get you where you need to be.

In a tweet, the Pope said we are all the same. God does not call us in a generic name. We are all special.

Get out of the bondage of these Men Of God. Pastor Mark Driscoll is another American Man of God who preaches against Muslims. His tweets tell you if you are not a Christian, you are going to Hell. What sort of nonsense is that?

I hope I have proven some things to you in what social media has revealed here when the Pastors speak their minds be it hate or love. You are a man and woman of God, not only them. Stay blessed, be hated, don't hate!

Read my spiritual posts online by searching #PastorKOO on Twitter. Be Spiritual! Ditch Religion.

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