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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Why Actress Eniola Badmus and other FAT Nigerian stars need to lose weight #HNNHealth

When you are obese in Nigeria, it is some kind of trophy. Big butts, big boobs and fat folds everywhere. Recently Eniola Badmus tweeted to me asking me to spread love and not hate and I tweeted back to her to spread muscle and not fat. She brands herself "Gbogbo big girls" meaning all the big and fat girls.

Too many Nigerians eat a lot of wrong foods and pile up the LDL's known as the bad cholesterol. Even the late Henrietta Kosoko was fat. They develop high blood pressure, diabetes and so many other ailments that makes them sick looking inside and out.

Eniola Badmus should follow in the footsteps of Lepacious Bose the female comedienne famously known in Nigeria. Bose lost a lot of weight, looks perfectly healthy and lives a good life. Emulate that Eniola and that is why I want you to spread muscle and not fat. Do some workouts daily, build muscle and stay fit.

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