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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Nollywood Actor, Jide Kosoko’s Daughter Bidemi once disgraced In Ibadan for PRIDE!

Bidemi Kosoko/Twitter
Bidemi Kosoko who sponsored the Tokunbo Aboderin video where Aboderin stated that my father raped me and fathered my children was actually disgraced in my hometown Ibadan during her NYSC days I hear. She is obviously a fraud and also the one behind the Toyin Aimakhu drama where my name was used to
open a fake instagram account that was attacking Toyin. Remember how Toyin replied "Hi colleague".

Abidemi who has featured in about three or four movies has a snobbish attitude, as a matter of fact, many of her fellow corps members described her as arrogant.

Sources claimed that whenever anyone who isn’t a “star” yet tries to say ‘Hi’, “Bidemi would just look down on them.”

“I don’t know if Bidemi’ doesn’t understand that as a celebrity you should be polite to people, since she began her service close to a year now, many people at the Community Development Service(CDS) have been avoiding her due to her arrogant attitude.

The one everyone witnessed recently was this woman who is a Batch A corp member. She doesn’t know her attitude, so she went to her and she was like ‘Sister,please it’s like I have seen your face before,’but to this woman’s disappointment, Bidemi just looked at the woman from head to toe and walked away,” the source said.

How she was embarrassed…

Due to her celebrity status, Bidemi always gets some preferential treatments at the Ibadan North Local Government – her Community Development Service(CDS) centre, however she received the unexpected last week.

“Bidemi came late for her clearance and as usual she tried jump queue because she is a star, however, the Local Government Inspector(LGI) Mrs. Ologundudu, a no-nonsense woman, plainly instructed her to go BACK and join the queue. Bidemi was kinda embarrased and walked away in shame while the other corps member laughed at her” the source claimed.

Pride comes before a fall! Sorry she's still not a star as she's living on her father's glory.

With files from Daily Post

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