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Friday, July 22, 2016

My GOALS for returning to Nigerian #socialmedia--Kemi Olunloyo

I am not mad at anyone as I read online that I abandoned my Nigerian fans to go to my US/CDN page of 350,000. Yes I have two FB fanpages and I'm not ready to merge them now. Facebook brought back the star ratings and reviews on the left of this page and reading your reviews really touched me for those that believe in my work. To my US and Canadian fans stuck there yesterday on the Melania Trump story pinned on top, welcome to my Nigerian Facebook page. We are all the same. Nobody is banned from my Facebook page right now as I will only be blogging and sharing stories with you, however I will be watching everyone.

Pls read the terms of using my page in the notes section and try your best not to downgrade my work. I am a fully trained international journalist of 22 yrs among other things and appear on global TV and radio networks. Last night I reported the 73 civilians the US led forces killed and a Nigerian posted "Did u verify this? Are u in Syria? The US have no army in Syria." I told the guy not to downgrade my work and described his comment as disrespectful. He later saw it online and deleted his comment. Must u see it in a bigger media outlet to believe Kemi? I may write my stories in a blog template but I'm NOT a blogger. I have a diploma in Broadcast Journalism. I work with newswires. AP, Reuters, Canadian Press, AFP. These newswires supply news to CNN, FOX, BBC and the rest. I have broken Boko Haram bombings 48 hrs before the NTA in 2013. If u don't trust or respect my work, you don't belong here. There are a lot of news pages on Facebook and when I received the email from Facebook last September that my page was verified, it called me "an authentic global journalist". Wikipedia also notified me last year of my nomination to their encyclopedia. My profile is locked over there and nobody can edit it due to trolls and vandals.

I am back on social and will strictly focus on what I branded ‪#‎HNNAfrica‬ to be. World and Health news for Nigerians. Pls write your review of the page on the left column and give a star rating. I'm not looking for praises. I'm looking for views on my videos, statuses, investigate posts and content. I don't have time for rhetoric, gossip and innuendo.

Some ppl are busy diagnosing me of mental problems, writing fake letters using my father's name, even telling me what he whispered into Adeboye's ears. They actually forget I speak to him daily. I don't have the time to worry about irrelevant things. It comes with fame. My haters are fans in disguise so I'm not one bit worried. I'll be worried when he pays every celebrity I've exposed or criticized a visit. I was trained where free speech rules so I care less what any celebrities in Nigeria thinks about what I say about them. I no longer have a direct line of communication with fans except on this Facebook wall so post your messages there.

I deleted the #HNNAfrica Whatsapp account. I don't need it. I'm too busy to chat and people did not value what they had. No public figure in Nigeria gives you that direct line of communication. My email is if u need to speak with me directly. In the next 2 weeks, I will be raising money for my annual ‪#‎KemiOlunloyoDay‬ kids foundation giveaway. Every year on my birthday I travel around Ibadan to actually feed underprivileged kids. My hometown which I will be soon is filled with homeless children. This year is worse as kids have missed 7 weeks of school and are hawking all over the place. I started this two years ago on my 50th birthday. Some of you remember the giant cake that travelled all over the city and my appearance on Star FM and MITV. The pics are on this page timeline August 6th. Some of you have asked me what I want on my birthday. Cash! Send it to my grassroots kids foundation at No amount is too small. I use it to help all these homeless kids. I'm also getting so many sponsorship offers from you. Cakes, outfits, makeovers, photoshoots etc. I will sort it all out soon.

As for live videos, SUBSCRIBE to This is how you will be seeing me live as from now. I will only be using Facebook for short weekly news headlines. If u have a Google account, add me to your circles for hangouts.

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