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Saturday, July 16, 2016

It is CRIMINAL NOT to pick up the phone when witnessing a crime.

Toronto Sun 2010

There is no shortage of criminals ready to kill a white person in Toronto today. No one is immune


Toronto has been under siege over the past two weeks with young black males killed day after day.

I've been outspoken about the issue, and some members of the white community have been using my outspoken views as an easy way of targetting the faulty black family model in Toronto.

But Torontonians shouldn't look down their noses at these crimes.

There is no shortage of criminals ready to kill a white person in Toronto today. No one is immune from these callous criminals.

There are also several white drug users in fear of their supply running low if the black drug dealing kid is nabbed or killed.

Just take a look at Dylan Ellis and Oliver Martin, two white men gunned down in the prime of their lives on trendy Richmond Street in 2008.

Initially in the investigation police were focusing on a "black male" seen fleeing the scene on a mountain bike. That changed after a photo surfaced depicting the last moments of the two young men. Police are now looking at all angles.

The picture was taken by an undetected female passenger in the back seat. The terror this young woman experienced that day had to be the ultimate shock in her life, and will never go away.

Two young men never in trouble with the law, just picking up keys left behind at a friend's house, suddenly became a gruesome Toronto crime statistic.

I constantly advocated on Ellis and Martin's behalf by filming a video holding a Crime Stoppers poster of them and urging people to send in tips anonymously. But even the residents of that trendy area have been silent. Is that due to fear of retribution?

That leads to this question: Do Canadians know how Crime Stoppers works?

First, it does not belong to the cops but to we the people. It is a partnership between the police, media and public and protected by the Supreme Court of Canada, unlike the U.S. version where you may be called in certain cases to look at a police lineup or even testify.

So why aren't Canadians using it, especially in the black community?

First, the no-snitch code is in full effect, stopping black youth with vital information about several of these murders from coming forward.

No "bucking the trend" or helping police with their investigations.

Some of these attitudes from my standpoint are blamed on certain figures in the community. I am singling out several rappers in Toronto who continue to glorify guns, drugs and gangs.

Many in Toronto's hip-hop community have single-handedly educated many of our young black males to never snitch. It is preached in songs, in clubs and even in youth centres to black boys as young as seven years old.

In addition, there are more mothers raising children in the black community than fathers, and many of you moms out there who have information on murders your boys may have committed must step forward via Crime Stoppers and do the right thing.

When your son is next, wouldn't you like tips pouring in to get these killer thugs off the streets?

Who doesn't want justice and some closure?

One way to get a handle on these murders is to anonymously use Crime Stoppers. What's stopping you?

- Omololu-Olunloyo is a crime victim advocate and journalist

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