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Friday, July 8, 2016

How DARE my FATHER Victor Omololu Olunloyo DENOUNCE my social media posts--Kemi Olunloyo

Father indeed. 81yo in early Alzheimers released a statement to only ONE media Premium Times of all platforms for someone that hates social media. The bogus statement was carefully sent to the media right after I decided to quit Nigerian Journalism. Unfortunately I'm 1000% BACK! No fear, No favours, No bribes! He could have called Tribune or Punch his fave newspapers. Let me dissect that letter for you. Between the Junior wife and her lovely friend the filthy elephant Tokunbo Aboderin, both of them collaborated with Nicholas Ibekwe of Premium Times who is now avoiding me to confirm where the FAKE letter came from.  Below my father released this after I called him to verify the Premium Times letter. His PA posted it on his official page. Their already saying he doesn't have a Facebook page. Everyone in denial. Nigerians don't like the bitter truth.

I have NOT released any statement of any kind about my daughter Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo denouncing her social media posts. There is a fake statement floating around websites which I learned about. I did not release any statement to Premium Times. Some of the contents are absolutely false. She has never been to Ireland nor landed in jail anywhere where the late Okunade Sijuwade had to bail her out. There is an Aboderin character that I have learned about whom I'm told is impersonating her on Instagram and other social media platforms attacking our family. A similar letter purported to have been written to Aboderin by me is also false. If anyone paid attention to my 2013 Punch newspapers interview, I commended Kemi's views on social media telling the reporter Atoyebi "Kemi's views are her views, you can't change her." Kemi recently did a July front cover interview with Oyo Herald magazine titled "My father did not disown me."She is an adult!

I am not aware of Kemi's decision to quit reporting Nigerian news until now so she is NOT responding to my fake statement floating out there. Please disregard the endless impersonation and degrading of the Olunloyo family. I am not a fan of social media and this Facebook page was opened because of the rumors that circulated the internet during my 2010 illness saying that I was DEAD. This page serves the purpose of ending such rumours. Once again, I did NOT send out any statement regarding my daughter on social media. My number is public and any credible media outlet calls me for interviews not statements.

Victor Omololu Olunloyo
Former Gov Oyo State
Balogun of Oyo
July 8th 2016


The Second Republic governor of old Oyo State, Omololu Olunloyo, has denounced his daughter, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo, for directing verbal attacks at him and other notable individuals.

The former leader also revealed in a heart-breaking statement Thursday that Kemi, 52, had a history of mental illness (I never lived around my father for a straight 27 yrs . How will he know my mental history? and several efforts by the family and other well-wishers to moderate her erratic behaviour have been fruitless.

Describing statements credited to his daughter as “utterly irresponsible”, “libellous” and “repeatedly painful”, the octogenarian apologised to everyone who had been attacked by his daughter. (Fake sentence, how come this came after I apologized to celebs and fans that I'm no longer investigating them?)

“I would like to apologise without reservation to all persons affected. I hope and pray they would graciously accept the apology,” he wrote.

Mr. Olunloyo, who was a governor under the banner of the defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN), said even her family is not safe from Kemi’s public attacks. He specifically mentioned and apologised for Kemi’s attack on former President Olusegun Obasanjo,( Never attacked OBJ on social media) the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Enoch Adeboye, (Said the opposite on his Punch intv that he commends me for being BOLD about the expressway church as he put it) the General Oversea of Winners Chapel, David Oyedepo, and the founder of the Synagogue Church of all Nations, Temitope Joshua.

He also denounced her attack on foremost Nollywood actor, Jide Kosoko, who Kemi had called a ritualist (Never called him a ritualist, said he should be investigated for ritualism) after the recent demise of his third wife.

“There seems to be a curious pair of writers, an Aboderin resident in Ireland and Kemi Olunloyo, (My father will NEVER pair me up with a person who accused me of raping and impregnating me just a week ago)who sometimes curiously act separately and sometimes in union. (Me and Tokunbo Aboderin writing together about him and others??) Some of their most unfortunate victims are their half siblings.>>> Who are those? I only have one half sibling Gbenga Ounloyo Kapor

“Others of higher status in the society (like) ex-president Obasanjo and quite recently, clergy men with large respectable following, such as the General Oversea of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye, a brilliant fellow mathematician, an inspired Bishop Oyedepo, the inimitable Reverend T.B Joshua, all learned men.

“She includes me, her father. All four of us she dubs ritualists. (I actually dubbed only my dad as a ritualist) Of course, none of us, as far as I know, is anything of sort. She has gone so far as to accuse us of various sexual crimes (Tokunbo Aboderin did that not me) and gone too far to give social media itself a very dubious name, in term of uncontrolled freedom to assault others,” the frmer governor, a mathematician, said.

Mr. Ololunyo said Kemi’s “erratic” behaviour had put her in trouble in Ireland (Never been to Ireland in my life) and in the United States, and the late Ooni of Ife, Okunade Sijuwade, once bailed her out of jail. (Umm this is news to me. He gave me $10,000 for my 40th birthday not bail me out of any jail)

“Of Late, in the last four weeks or so, she had had the audacity to pass irrelevant and hopeless comments on one of our national talented artists, prince Jide Kosoko, whom I admire so much, calling him a black widower as he has unfortunately lost three wives. (My father does not know Kosoko. However he told me some nosy playrights called him about my comments and he told them to deal directly with me)

“I had thought at 52, (I'm 51) Kemi will further train her mind and cease to be an embarrassment to herself and member of her nuclear, extended family and to the general public. I thank pastors and psychiatrists (Never visited a Pastor no Shrink) like Dr. Lasebikan, (The doctor who treated Tokunbo Aboderin's werey son that died) who had gone to great lengths at their own personal cost to restrain her from excesses and recklessness. I dissociate myself entirely form her conducts and statements.

“She must accept responsibility for her actions and utterances as well as the consequences. My condemnation is total and not in any instance defensible. My position is absolutely clear. She has gone too far and needlessly so,” he wrote.

Ironically letter commes after I decided to quit Nigerian Journalism and dubbed a reply to my father's fake statement>>>>Meanwhile, in an apparent reaction to her father’s statement, Ms. Olunloyo published her own statement to her “fans” on social media saying she will “no longer practice journalism in Nigeria”.

“It seems like many celebrities and their fans are upset when I write a story about them,” she wrote.

“I live for the truth and nothing more. News is news and not prying into other people’s business. Without news you are uninformed. I opened this page January 25th 2013 and wanna thank everyone who has followed me on social media.

“I will now concentrate on Kemi’s Kids Foundation. I like helping disadvantaged kids in Nigeria. Once again I apologised to all Nigerian celebrities and their fans who felt offended by my stories. They are true investigative stories which is the bitter truth. I’m now moving on. I will also be cancelling my social media tour in Nigeria,” she wrote on her blog,

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