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Friday, July 22, 2016

Facebook CHANGES it's FANPAGES TEMPLATE again. Still can't use pages to comment on other pages #HNNTech

On Thursday July 21st 2016, Facebook changed it's fanpages template. The new template as you can see above has basically moved things on top to the left and left items to he right. The dropdown menu that shows visitors a full list of social media portals has now been moved to he left of the page LISTING them instead of hiding them.

The videos menu as well as events and other features like ratings/reviews and fan postings on the wall has been moved to the right of the page.

Meanwhile the name of the page is now on the top left hand corner. As you know last month, Facebook started posting the URL domain name (@HNNAfrica) under the page name instead of the page description. Your title or page description now sits on the top right of the page while the cover photo takes a smaller section of the page now.

All his confusion for nothing. The most important thing the social platform screwed up for pages was that we no longer have the ability to use our pages as a page to comment on other pages unless you are using the Facebook mentions app on mobile. I wish they will bring that back!

What's next? 

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