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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Col Sambo Dasuki FIGHTS BACK. Says GEJ approved all the monies he dished out #HNNGov

Everyone knows that Nigeria's former President Jonathan approved all the monies Col sambo dasuki gave out to several parties, now he is saying it. The Nation newspaper reports what Dasuki said: 

“I am ready for trial because they have destroyed my family’s name and my professional integrity, especially how we successfully fought Boko Haram and recovered major towns and cities, not villages.

“They should let my trial start in earnest to enable Nigerians know the truth from falsehood.

“I don’t believe in secret trial and there is no basis for it because the government has filed all necessary papers in court and attached the list of witnesses.

“Since the witnesses have become public knowledge, there is no basis for secret trial,”

“Since I was detained in the custody of the Department of State Service (DSS), I have not been shown any warrant to this effect or court order.

“I deserve to be shown the warrant of detention by DSS and the purpose for restricting me to house arrest. My detention is unlawful,” he lamented.

“All those who collected funds from ONSA have been granted bail but I am still in custody.

“I have been granted bail on all the cases filed against me by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), and even DSS, but I have not been released.

“If all the beneficiaries of the so-called funds are on bail, what have I done wrong? Nigerians should help prevail on the government to grant me bail.

“I cannot rock the boat. I am prepared for trial. We did everything with national and security interest,” he said.

“Based on the service rules in the security circle, I owe it a duty to obey the president and Commander-In-Chief. Ex-President Jonathan approved all the expenses incurred by ONSA.

“I am ready to prove in court how we complied with the directive of the ex-President,” he added.

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