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Sunday, July 17, 2016

#BREAKING At least two Baton Rouge cops killed in shopping center shooting; gunman still at large

Baton Rouge police are hunting for the gunman who killed at least two cops near a shopping center Sunday morning, officials said.

More than one Baton Rouge officers was shot near the Hammond Aire Plaza, police said. The city’s mayor said at least two cops died in the carnage,  the Advocate reported.

The gunman is still at large, saying police are responding to an active shooter situation.

It’s not clear if more officers were shot and injured.

No other details were immediately available. The Baton Rouge Police Department’s phone rang busy when the Daily News called for more information. Hammond Aire Plaza is about five miles away from the Triple S Food Mart, where police shot and killed Alton Sterling on July 5.

This is the city where Alton Sterling was shot and killed. People are very angry at that shooting. This is a developing story Please check back for updates.

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