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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bishop Oyedepo's Bishop's ex-aide converts to #Islam exposing church's DIRTY SECRETS #HNNReligion

For so long I have been exposing Oyedepo and his fellow thieving bishops sucking up Nigerian's money and living a lavish lifestyle out of it. He even slapped a girl at the pulpit of his church once. 

Now comes word that the ex aide of one of his Bishops David Abioye has quit Christianity and converted to Islam now exposing his secrets.

Ismail Haruna, has converted from Christianity to Islam.

Ismail, who was formerly known as Nicholas Martin, was a former driver of Bishop David Abioye.

Ismail revealed the reason for his conversion, citing an incident relating to finance mismanagement at the Living Faith, Garden of Faith Church in Kaduna, Kaduna state.

Here's what Ismail had to say:
“I was a driver to bishop Abioye in Winners, I started working in Canaan Land in 2001 and I worked for five years.
Ismail, who revealed this in a recent interview with news website,, stated that he was laid off telling the truth
“Something happened and they said that when you say the truth and the same truth will set you free,” Ismail said.
“But, I was the only person that rose up and said this is what happened and this is the truth.
“They laid us off and said we should stop working in the ministry.
“Ismail said the incident made him move to Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.
“I now converted to a Muslim because of what happened.
“From 2004 till this year, I was not going to church again because I was just alone thinking,” he added.

With files from Herald NG 

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