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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beyonce set to create her own TV network #HNNmedia

Beyonce and Blue Ivy in Paris

Beyonce is reportedly set to follow in Oprah's footsteps with her own TV network.

The Lemonade star , who has ventured into music and fashion on top of her charitable efforts and incredible music career, is now setting up her own TV channel, reports The Sun.

Beyonce's empire is reportedly expanding with her management company Parkwood and it's likely to launch within the next ten years, it has been claimed. But don't expect Beyonce to be hosting her own talk show and giving out life-changing gifts to viewers like Oprah, instead it has been claimed that the Single Ladies star is planning something educational and will likely include documentaries about African and American history.

“She intends to create her own TV network just like Oprah,” an insider told the newspaper. 

Don't you like this picture of Beyonce and Blue in similar outfits that makes them look like one great big Arizona Green tea can. lolz.

With files from Mirror U.K

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