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Friday, June 17, 2016

Why Nigerians are MAD that I sent OJB Jezreel $15,000 from Canada #HNNMemorial

#RIP OJB Jezreel. The guy I told to go to hell after aggresively begging money for kidneys on my page only to find out it was 419 scammers trying to defraud me, Tuface and DBanj on our fanpages. The poor dude later reached out to me apologizing it wasn't him but he needed kidney surgery. I sent him a huge amount of dollars. Sleep well. U are now free. Everyone can google that scam story.

So Nigerians got angry because I said I sent this ailing musician money, $15,000 from Canada which runs into the millions in Nigeria. Do you think I will announce that in a press conference and have the same people criticize me? You can never please anyone in this country. When I was going to Western Union in Canada wiring $100 each to my fans in 2009-2012, none of these people were complaining. I contributed my quota anonymously and he appreciated it, sadly it couldn't save him. Just pure rubbish with Nigerians and their views.

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