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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Why I requested investigation of Jide Kosoko's 3 wives dead in a row saga--Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

The internet went viral simply because I spoke the facts once again. A Nollywood actor whose wives died 3 in a row and he's said to have a 4th. I spoke to a lot of Yoruba actors in secrecy here in Ibadan, Nigeria where many of them live and without mentioning names, many told me that the practice of rituals we watch in their movies actually happens in real life. Many celebrities sacrificing their own family members in order to gain status and power. Many visiting ritualists called babalawos.

We are not stupid, many of these cultists have adverts in newspapers and magazines advertising their charm powers so when I accuse my own father, Olamide and still many to come, they think it's something bad. Nigerians are in love and fascinated with the occult. Many of the people that live in Lekki, Lagos do money rituals, they live beyond their means. I even know of one man that sacrificed his 10 yo son so that he could become super rich.

Jide Kosoko is a black widower, a term used for a man whose three wives have died in a row just like a woman who has lost 3 husbands in a row is a black widow. There is nothing wrong in those women's families to be cautious of the spiritual and occult. most Nigerians and their loud mouths had no idea he even had two previous dead wives before attacking me.

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