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Friday, June 17, 2016

Why I exposed #Nollywood actress @DayoAmusa's many SEX partners #HNNShowbiz

She called me a serial baby mama, need brain evaluation and a wanted criminal in Canada and thought she could get away with it. Instagram deleted her posts because I notified Toronto Police in tweets. Instagram just emailed me that my account was almost HACKED 3 times yesterday and they killed the hackers. She then told her fans my Instagram was deactivated which was a lie and her fans went checking giving me more of her hater followers. Not only does Facebook (with the most powerful verified platform) own instagram, you are helping me on my way to being verified on instagram too. My account is being reviewed. Her fans are still ranting over there with almost 1500 new followers in 3 hours 

Meanwhile thanks to you FB fans. Our community is getting stronger. facebook just sent me the analytics on the video I did about her. 1.1Million people WATCHED it across FB and I made serious money. Keep sharing my videos and subscribe to my Youtube channel where I upload them to later. This is my #1 platform

Read my posts above about her sexcapades! I made her fanous

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