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Friday, June 17, 2016

Why #Biafra people regret they LOST me and many are begging me to SAVE their movement #HNNBiafra

Fuck Biafrans, 1800 of U left this page after I gave you solid media attention, blogged stories daily, interviewed with International business times, Punch, Vanguard and wrote a CNN essay. I even had an online referendum election to engage the government with. Wasted my time for 3 mos and hearing ppl telling me I used Biafra to get popular. I am already a global public figure on Wikipedia. I even nominated Nnamdi Kanu for that same Wikipedia. I made your cause popular. 

Because I gave you solid advice not to embrace Nnsmdi's hatred and quit calling the president a pedophile, U got mad. #Biafraordeath is a bad slogan that does not attract international attention. You started calling me Ashawo, drug addict, Yorobbers etc. When I read all your Ada Biafra comments praising me, I just shed a tear. This is why I praise myself. Never let anyone praise you. The same people praising you will be abusing you later or happy at your downfall. You went on to say I don't get comments or likes anymore unless I talk about Biafra. Well 10,000 fans in the last 3 days is not bad because of my non Biafra journalism. I don't need Biafrans who cannot listen to advice. You advocate violence and death and what has been happening? Death everywhere. 

The government is killing U left and right when there are activists like me that could have gotten U more international attention. Yesterday more arrests. One foreign journalist told me that I made the mistake of inserting myself as a journalist and activist in the Biafran cause. Shaun King of the New York Times is such an activist. He advocates against gun violence and other things. Nothing works in Nigeria. Today, Igbokwe said Biafra cannot achieve the Igbo dream. Good luck with your cause!. Of course Shaun King replied!!

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