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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Nigerians angry about my response over DROWNED prostitutes at Elegushi beach #HNNImpact

Nigerians are once again riled up after two prostitutes drowned at Elegushi beach in Lagos last week. Many of these college students moonlight as hookers, dress in provocative bathing suits to show their boobs and butts and they cannot swim. One of the most dirtiest and dangerous beaches in Nigeria is Elegushi beach in Lekki.

It is filled with mysterious men, thieves, cheap girls and drugs. There are hardly any life guards. The real danger is the riptide. Many of our people cannot surf and don't know what a riptide is. The drug abuse added to it and all the sex on the beach, the tide comes in and they are swept away. The government has not taken any responsibility in providing reasonable lifeguards so who do you blame?

People got angry at my tweet which I stand by. Don't go to the beach as a fail? You may lose your life! Lots of migrants lose their lives weekly trying to get ashore. I'm worried about them first.


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