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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I'm a PUBLIC FIGURE. I don't talk to FANS over the phone. Thanks for your interest! #HNNKemi

Many of my fans are asking me for my phone number as they want to discuss something with me. I no longer maintain a line of communication via phone with fans or anyone in Nigeria since 2013. That privilege was abused with ppl recording my voice and appearing on blogs. This is why public figures in Nigeria do not maintain that line of communication with you. I am a global public figure with fans around the world and a US FB page of 350,000 not visible in Nigeria. My Whatsapp line is managed by my team for newstips and advertising. If you call that line, its always switched off as its only a data sim line. I have provided my message inbox interface for people to contact me. This page has thousands of messages my PA picks up and answers and if you are lucky I respond to some with my signature. You also have my wall currently open to post on.

Thank you for your interest--KOO

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