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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How Nigerians have forgotten about #JusticeForBridget so FAST! NEXT KILLING PLS! SMH

#JUSTICEFORBRIDGET On the Igbo Christian woman beaten to death, I exited that conversation with my Twitter fans when they refused to believe my investigation that she was not beheaded. I am a reputable journalist celebrated around the globe on international cable channels but not by my own people. The minute the NPF sent me the presser saying the beheading images circulated online was from a 2012 incident, I made it clear on Twitter @hnnafrica only to be shouted down. 

Days later her husband told TV interviews that his wife was in fact NOT BEHEADED but beaten to death. Respect my work, dont drag my work down. I studied journalism not mass comm and from one of the top schools in the USA. As for the leaders tweeting ensuring us justice, Buhari, Saraki, NPF, Atiku, Ezekwesilli, statements from Sultan of Sokoto, Dogara and NOTHING FROM THE EMIR OF KANO and more, they were tweeting based on a gruesome beheading. 

Bridget's case is not unique. It happens everyday. Our leaders may see violence based on tribe and religion but they never see violence AGAINST WOMEN! Religious and tribal sentiments will always be present in Nigeria. I touch base on it while others stay fake on the matter. I am outspoken. I will be appearing on CNN and BBC later this week on the matter.

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