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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Filthy Elephant #TokunboAboderin still forging letters. Calls my father bedridden with dementia #HNNImpact

She's going to be deported from Ireland for the filing of three asylum claims in 3 different names. She's got 7 defamation cases in Dublin, Ireland.  After my family blasted her in a statement released to the media accusing my father with raping and impregnating me and saying he fathered my children, accusing my mom of drowning a baby fathered by my father's maid and also saying I sexually abused my kids and they were taken away and I have never seen them since, Tokunbo Aboderin lost her Youtube channel after I demanded Youtube shut it down for multiple copyright violations, she had a tough week.

Tokunbo has this fake letter posted by someone she calls my "stepmother". I don't have a stepmother, Ronke is her friend and my father's concubine and never married my father at any time. I guess that will sort itself out when my father dies one day and we'll be asking for marriage certificates. Read the letter below. Our family press release shocked her so much as the media finished her. She even trended. I will highlight exactly how Tokunbo writes in yellow. Ronke who she says wrote the letter is in London getting treated for cervical cancer I heard. Where does she have time to be writing Tokunbo? My father is supposed to be bedridden with dementia and prostate cancer and has not spoken to me since November 2015. I visit my father weekly in his office at his desk and even post photos on Facebook for my fans. It's her Ronke sent the statement not all media. Tokunbo is a pathetic liar with a bad affective personality disorder. A bunch of jokes.

My husband Former Governor Omololu Olunloyo did not speak to any press. (His family jointly released a statement. Ronke is not even in Nigeria)

Dr Omololu is bedridden due to insults her daughter Kemi put him to.  (He's not bedridden and insults don't make you bedridden Tokunbo)

Unfortunately, Kemi ridiculed his family by calling her father aritualist. What do you expect from a daughter that have messed his father's name. True he was in the occult world you and Ronke introduced him too and I saved him out of.

The last time his dad has ever spoken to her was in November 2015. I didn't speak to my dad one time in 2015. Jan 2016 was the first time and I see him weekly at his office. I thought kemi is a smart girl, she could have recorded the audio from her dad supporting her fake essay.- Were Alaso What audio? It was a written press release sent to the media

Dr Omololu is suffering from a dementia- (Poor english, a dementia? My father has no dementia. he is an intelligent mathematician even at 81yo) Memory loss and aprostrate cancer, he couldn't remember anything a again talklessgranting an audience to the press.

If you watch the video Kemi released on youtube, is the same note that she transferred as a note to the media. My husband (Tokunbo Ronke is not even my father's wife. they have never been married, just have kids together) has suffered enough. Kemi should leave him alone.

Dr Omololu is living with me at Felele since Kemi and her mother beats and pushed him out (The police would have arrested us a long time ago if we beat and pushed him out and he does not live in Felele. He lives in Molete) after my husband accused them of stolen the money 40,00$ given to him by Dr Ajimobi  (LMAO Fourty dollars given to him by Dr Ajimobi or the N10M given to him by Governor Ajimobi that Ronke and my dad's PA stole part of to pay her children's school fees in London? to travel for an operation in UK.

How can a bedridden person grant an interview without my knowledge.

Kemi have called me several names in the past. The family had taken her to a Psychiatric hospital a couple of times, but she always escaped.<<< This is news to me LMAO

I just want to clear my husband name from this saga. Please don't involve your father  (Tokunbo u just busted yoursels as writing this shit) into this row.
Bloggers should investigate the source before publishing
Ronke Olunloyo

June 9th 2016 with my dad at his home and office in Molete, Ibadan. We even did selfies. Bedridden my ass
Credits: Keminications Media

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