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Sunday, June 26, 2016

FACEBOOK no longer SYNCHING photos from your devices after July 7th #HNNTech

I got the e-mail and almost ignored it. There are several photos in my sync folder especially these days that I only use my fanpage and totally forgotten about my friends page. Facebook is no longer synching photos. You know that mechanism that allows all your pictures to go to a secret folder in your page when you take pictures. In case your device is lost you have the photos backed up. Google and Dropbox have that too. Read the e-mail below and start downloading your photos.

Hi Kemi,
We wanted to send you another reminder about photos you've synced to a private backup folder on Facebook. After July 7, we'll no longer support storage for these synced photos. (Note: this only affects synced photos—not photos you've shared or posted on Facebook.) If you want to keep your synced photos, please download them to your computer by July 7 or view them in Facebook's Moments app by then.

What's happening
Earlier this year we ended photo syncing on Facebook, and on July 7 we'll be deleting photos backed up using this opt-in service. Synced photos are photos you backed up to a private folder on Facebook —not photos you shared or posted. You may have seen them in a separate section on your profile, next to your other photos and albums.

How you can keep your synced photos
We want to make sure you don't lose photos you care about. If you'd like to keep these backed up photos, please download them to your computer by July 7.
If you don't have a computer or prefer a mobile solution, we can also save your synced photos in Moments, an app for organizing photos and privately sharing them with friends. Please log into Moments by July 7 to let us save your photos in that app. Moments is free on iOS and Android.

The Facebook Photos Team

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