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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Actor Michael Jace has been CONVICTED in wife's murder #HNNCrime

Michael Jace has been convicted for the murder of his wife April in 2014. Picture: Frederick M Brown/Getty Images
Michael Jace played an actor in the FX seroes "The Shield". The verdict in the trial of Michael Jace came after a week-long trial in which Los Angeles jurors were told the actor shot his wife April Jace in the back and then twice in the legs with a revolver that belonged to her father.

Jace, 53, did not testify in his own defence. He told detectives soon after the 2014 attack that he had retrieved the gun to kill himself but couldn’t do it. Instead, he planned to shoot his wife, an avid runner, in the leg so she would feel pain, Jace told detectives in a recorded interview.

One of their sons testified that Jace shot his mom in both legs stating "if you like running, then run to heaven". Another son said that the family was pleased with the verdict

With files from News Australia

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