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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Where to find NUDE PICTURES of Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo online #HNNKemi

You wish! Illiteracy is surely a disease!

NUDE PICTURES: Many of you Nigerians do not know the meaning of many words because of illiteracy and just plain poor knowledge of english. There are pictures of me posted on this page in a pair of "pant and bra" which some of you call NUDE. It's called a BIKINI. A pant and bra used to swim is what a bikini does. I broke Nigerian internet in 2012 when I showed up at Premier hotel pool in a bikini 2012 at 48yo. It was so hot that SplashFM 105.5 Ibadan even called me for a personality profile interview as they found me as an interesting person. I had just returned home after 37 years abroad.

You can go online and see me in pictures of a bra and skirt which I also use for breast cancer education. Facebook does not allow breasts exposed and that is why you see me lifting my breast in a bra. It is not necessary to expose my breasts to educate you. 

Many of you have wives, mothers and sisters who have died of breast cancer or suffering it right now because of no education. You will not find any nude pictures of me online. Nude means totally naked. Naked means not wearing anything. Pls improve your knowledge of english and avoid blogs who lure you with fake headlines. The moment you click a blog, they get paid. that's how it works.


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