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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sex, Drugs and the illicit #Enugu girls of the night #HNNCrime

This is not only in Enugu, it is also very prevalent in Abuja and Lagos

Visitors to some hotels in Enugu metropolis are having a hard time trying to ward-off desperate teenagers dressed in skimpy dresses to attract prospective customers.

You also find the teenagers around the Otigba Junction, Rangers Avenue, Presidential Road, New Berries, Obiagu, among others, where they peddle drugs and sex for fees ranging from N500 and N2,000 per night or home service.

Sunday Vanguard investigation also showed that some banks recruit beautiful girls to scout for large deposits from men. Expectedly, the girls seduce the men to meet their mandate.

Findings showed that the teenagers usually arrange themselves in groups of four or five and book rooms in hotels that charge N5,000 – N6,000 per night. Decked in seductive attires, the teens mill around the hotels, smoking cigarette and drinking alcohol. They pounce on you once you make eye contact, revealing cleavages and curves to lure you into the hotel room.

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