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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Prisoner files claim to inherit @Prince's estate saying late Singer was his dad #HNNImpact

Carlin Williams

This guy is an inmate at Colorado's Supermax federal prison. Carlin Williams has filed a suit as the legal heir to late singer Prince. Williams, 39, claims his mother met the pop icon at a hotel in Kansas City, Mo. in July 1976 (when Prince was still in high school).

Williams further claims his mother and Prince had consensual unprotected sex. The court documents state Williams was born in April 1977.

According to the NY Daily News — Prince would have been 18 at the time, fresh out of high school and several years away from superstardom. His debut album, “For You,” did not come out until 1978.

Court papers do not state Williams’ claims for his stake in Prince’s estimated $300 million estate.

Williams is serving a seven-year sentence for firearm possession, after he was caught with a .32 caliber pistol that was transported in interstate commerce, records show. He will be imprisoned until 2020.

Good luck to him, however he looks more like Snoop's Dogg's son.

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