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Monday, May 9, 2016

Leke Shonde wife MURDER: Why Nigerian MARRIED men are weak #HNNLove

What do you have to say? “I am a Lagos boy and I can be in this Lagos for the next 30 years and nobody would see me.”

Lekan Shonde killed hs wife cos she was fuckn another man and commiting adultrey all over the place. He is known to beat her a lot. Why didnt she just leave the marriage? As I always say, so she can have her cake and eat it. They always wanna remain Mrs this and that. 

Now he's doing interviews with Punch newspapers in hiding and says the police can't find him. The two small children already lost both parents. Weak Nigerian women marrying the Lekan Shonde types, weak men is why you all end up in caskets too soon. If he cheated its fast or pray shit from your parents, in laws or that annoying family pastor. He was CAUGHT EARLIER TODAY AND I BELIEVED HE SURRENDERED. Below are the comments on Facebook: 

Musiliudeen Ibn Rhamon He has just been arrested by nigeria police!
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Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Now he should be charged with murder
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Akindana Gloria Omotinuolawa I read his interview and I couldn't imagine how dumb some ladies can be. I blame her for her death in the sense that she enjoyed the abuse else, she would have sought for a better option, which is to get out of the marriage but she chose to stay put al...See More
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Adejoke Solomon Marriage isn't by force,thank God for not given me a man dat don't beat woman.
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Ogbeide Izegbe Marriage is not for everybody.
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Le Papuzzi "For better for worse, for richer for poorer"...are lyrics misused. Marriage is all about luv but that when moment when U need to endure/tolerate sets in, run for your life pls. A child that his/her mum couldn't change for years, U wanna change him/her with what? Sex right? WTF.
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Awkuzu Fortune Chinedum Guy u make sense.thumbs up
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Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
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Alhaji Kazeem Oh..I pity you mr shonde. You could HV run away from her.oh ma you will be charge for murder and the children will see you as their mums muderer..these type of issue happen to me five years ago.only Almighty Allah know how i survive it
now i see myself as someone who dont trust women again if not for the sake of my children ...
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Oluranti Olujitan Hes nothing but a fool. If you catch your wife in adultery, simply divorce her. Why beat her or kill her? Am sure that Leka too is promiscous. Now, he too will have to die because of a woman. What a waste.
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Justice Ujomoh When anything, especially marriage becomes "Life Threatening" the safest thing any sane person should do is to "back Out! It doesn't make you a fool, stupid or weak!! Love and loving is "Wise" and not stupid. Hey for your dear life!! Abi na juju dem use tie you down? Run Run Run ......
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Naomi Oduntan Byass JP Killing the lady is not the right thing to do even if he caught her in bed with another man. He should have let her be or leave the house for her and foot his children bills.

Now he is a murdrere
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Ayodele Florence Titilayo When ladies catch men men will still win but wen men catch women d woman go suffer dats if she was not killed. Diarisgod oooo
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Olusola Olayinka Very stupid man, one cannot even be sure the woman was adulterous.
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Peter Osunbade Maters of the heart defy logic. There is no laid down rule to heartache and violence. Who in this case is wrong and who is right and who are we to judge one way or the other? Its an alround shame!!!
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George Nestor If it was the lady that killed the guy for adultery I hope you people would still be talking like this?
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Ugo Ozurumba-Achonu Oh I thought Is only Igbo people that kill their wives.
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Mickey Onyii Basky Testimony Was the interview before or after he killed his wife?
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Adetunla Solarin Tobi Ayomiposi After he killed her
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Mickey Onyii Basky Testimony How can you concede an interview to a killer while he sits confidently and start uttering out rubbish from his mouth. What kind of country is dis for christ sake? Don´t be suprise that he won´t spend more than a week in the police custody, then u´ll see him walking freely on d street of lagos
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