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Monday, May 9, 2016

Kanye's former bodyguard Steve Stanulis speaks out after being FIRED #MetGala night

kanye west

Steve Stanulis, a former NYPD cop and Chippendale dancer, says Kanye West is the most “condescending” client he’s ever worked for.

Stanulis, who counts Leonardo DiCaprio and Alanis Morissette among his clients, told the NY Daily News he was just doing his job when West thought he was flirting with Kim Kardashian and fired him.

“He’s the most condescending person I’ve ever met in my life,” Stanulis said. “I’ve worked with a lot of people in his position and higher a lot less self-absorbed and more humble.”

Stanulis said the trouble began when he agreed to work the security detail ferrying Kardashian from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel to the Met Gala in New York on Monday.

He said he went upstairs to the presidential suite to discuss the transportation with someone from Kardashian’s team when Kardashian unexpectedly answered the door.

“She was just naturally speaking to me in a normal manner,” Stanulis told theDaily News. “I would describe it as her being very gracious and having a nice dialogue. I was surprised she was very nice. She’s the polar opposite with me than he was.”

Stanulis, 42, said by the time he returned to the limousine, he learned he had been sacked by West who was furious that Kardashian was flirting with the handsome bodyguard.

“I’m not having an affair with Kim Kardashian, I’m not f—ing Kim Kardashian, I’m not doing anything with Kim Kardashian,” Stanulis told the Daily NewsThursday. “Kanye needs to chill out.”

West’s rep told gossip tabloid TMZ that Stanulis was just looking for attention. They disputed his claim that he was fired.

But the married father of three denies being a male gold digger.

“My intent was not for this to happen,” Stanulis said. “When I’m walking outside my door and there are six guys with cameras asking me with my wife there ‘are you f—ing Kim Kardashian?’ I didn’t ask for that!”

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