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Friday, May 20, 2016

Fani-Kayode has made bail so why is he still under detention AND MOVED to #Lagos


The Spokesman to Femi Fani-Kayode Jude Ndukwe said the agency was trying to stress his principal in their hope to extract information from him and that is the reason he was moved to Lagos

“They just want to stress him, take him away from his family in order to break him,”Ndukwe said.

He added: “We do not know why he was moved, we just want to believe it is one of the antics of the EFCC to just harass him and keep him away from as many of his relatives and associates as possible.”

Ndukwe also said he does not believe the anti-graft agency had any need to move Fani-Kayode to Lagos.

“I don’t even think that there was any need for the transfer, if there was something they wanted to get regarding their investigation, they would have as well done in Abuja,” he said.

“So we see no reason why he should be moved to Lagos, except for their own ulterior motive. After having spent nearly two weeks in detention at the EFCC facility here in Abuja what are they planning to get from him in Lagos,” he added.

This case has struck a nerve for many of us that know FFK but most importantly this is another case of the executive tampering with the judiciary. FFK has made bail so why is he still under detention?

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