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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ex New York cop busted in prostitution ring is CEO of massive porn shop #HNNCrime

Ex-cop busted in prostitution ring is CEO of massive porn shop
Credits: Byron Smith
The disability retirement ex-cop turned cyber pimp has also been moonlighting as the CEO of the largest porn shop on the East Coast, The Post has learned.

State records show that Michael Rizzi — the 44-year-old NYPD veteran busted for running a massive online prostitution ring — also runs Nitecap Megastore & Smoke Shop, a “professional adult wonderland” on Staten Island that claims to be “the cleanest dirty store in New York.” It is the largest supplier of porn and adult toys on the entire East Coast and is located in the shadow of the Goethals Bridge at 690 Gulf Ave.

On Wednesday — and for the second time this week — Rizzi was released on a $100,000 bond after being arraigned in Brooklyn Supreme Court. He posted bond a day earlier in federal court, but was immediately taken back into custody after an unloaded gun was found during the raid on his home. Meanwhile, sources recalled today how Rizzi “married into the mob” and quickly became one of their henchman.

“He’s a disgrace to the badge,” a source said. “He’s a bigtime player in the Gambinos. He’s not just a hanger on.”

The source remembered how Rizzi and his wife’s family, the Julianos, once scared a burglar working for the Colombos so bad he skipped town.

Despite the charges against him, sources said the nine-year NYPD vet will not lose his disability pension if convicted. He is scheduled to appear back in court on Friday.

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