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Monday, May 9, 2016

COMICAL: Nigerians must NOT take the Niger Delta Avengers serious in any respect #HNNGov

Photo published for Who are the Niger Delta Avengers? Nigeria's oil and gas production threatened by new militants

Nigerian oil pipelines are being blown up by vandals who call themselves the new breed of militants called Niger Delta Avengers. First they blew a Chevron platform last week, then another pipeline in the Warri/Kaduna axis and threaten to blow more pipelines if the federal government does not meet their demands. They have a website, Twitter account and are weakly positioned on social media. Don't get me wrong, they may think they are strong online. 

The Niger Delta Avengers must be killed instantly once our military gets a hold of them. We don't need these enemies of progress! Try blowing up a Chevron platform or pipeline in Alberta, Canada or a Texaco pipeline in Dallas, Texas AND WATCH THE AUTHORITIES CLAMP DOWN ON YOU so hard that you will get 30 years in prison and heavy fines. 

No government will be paying you militants a penny. All these militants need to go abroad to see how civilization works. Comic book wannabees! 

Their leaders the old generation of militants like Asari Dokubo and Tompolo are all billionaires in Nigeria and these youth feel that we the rest of Nigeria have time for this? Long lines at the gas stations, no fuel most of the time with March and April 2016 being the worst, we have to start this again after pipeline repairs?

My take...Kill them all. The oil belongs to all of us in Nigeria!

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