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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton setting her sights on winning #Oregon and #Kentucky #HNNPolitics

Hillary Clinton

Even as Hillary Clinton sets her sights on a general election battle with Donald Trump, she faces the possibility of losing two more states Tuesday to Bernie Sanders, her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Losses in Oregon and Kentucky would not seriously set back Clinton, who has a comfortable lead in the race for delegates to this summer's nominating convention. But it would help prolong what's become an increasingly raw contest pitting the Democratic establishment against a grass-roots insurgency with a strong sense of grievance.

Tensions overflowed in Nevada over the weekend, when Sanders supporters accused party leaders of unfairly awarding Clinton more delegates during the state convention. The state party rejected the charges -- Clinton, after all, had won the caucuses earlier this year -- but its leaders were bombarded with criticism, invective and even threats.

Sanders issued a statement Tuesday condemning harassment but blaming the party leadership for the fracas.

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