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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why so many Musicians have Baby Mamas?

Davido and Sophia
Sophie Momodu is Davido's "baby mama" (Vanguard)
One of the most popular slang in the Nigerian entertainment industry of recent is the term “Baby-Mama” which literally describes a single mother or a lady who gave birth outside marriage. This practice has being in existence for so long but it gained headlines when entertainers, especially musicians popularized it by impregnating and having babies from their girlfriends and groupies.

The crazy thing about this trend is, it seems the ladies who are most times dumped after having the babies have no problem with this bizarre practice as most of them jostle to be baby-mamas to male entertainers. The entertainers who naturally flee from the so called “bondage” of marriage see this as a leeway to having children with no string attached as most of them even go to the extent of having many children from different women including unashamed beauty queens and regulars, while their teaming fans and colleagues applaud their “manliness”.

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