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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Why Debe Ojukwu calls Bianca Ojukwu a "Harlot." #HNNBiafra

Debe Ojukwu: 

Bianca Ojukwu Is A Known Harlot! Fani Kayode Is One Of Very Very Many
I do not understand all the hoopla over Bianca sleeping with Fani Kayode. Every one from University of Nigeria Law School can confirm that Bianca only graduated by sleepng with all the lecturers in our department. Do you think she dumped her boyfriend and married my father because she loved his bald head, pot belly and grey hairs? Her forgery of the old man’s will tells anyone with a brain why she married a man old enough to be her grandfather! The old man described Nnewi Building as Nnewi House in the forged “will”. That is just like a Nigerian calling Aso Rock, Aso Stone! How can Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, an Oxford University graduate, fluent in Igbo, English, Yoruba, French, Hausa and Latin describe Nnewi Building as Nnewi House in a legal document! If I was her I would ask the idiotic and incompetent “lawyer” Onyemelukwe to refund every penny he received for helpng forge the “will”. The fact that she and the legal Judas Onyemelukwe are not in prison for felony fraud is only due to the fact that Nigeria is a lawless nation of criminals! The woman, na Ashawo!
Debe Ojukwu,
Akpunwa Nnewi.

Debe went on and did an interview with Vanguard. It's quite interesting where he questions why Bianca conspired against him. Bianca

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