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Saturday, April 23, 2016

L.A REID: prince was good at everything he did #HNNMemorial

Music Executive L.A. Reid was luckier than most: he got to work directly with Prince, who passed away Thursday at the age of 57. But as Reid told TODAY Friday, while working with the music legend, he sometimes had a hard time getting down to business — because he was also an awe-struck fan. "I've always said it, I believe it: [He was] the greatest at everything. Playing, writing, composing, fashion, everything," Reid said. "[He had] the masculinity of Teddy Pendergrass, but he could take your girl [while] wearing high heels."

That ability to mix musical styles with fashion statements made him unique, but there was more to Prince than purple outfits and hot licks. As Reid noted, on his early albums, Prince often played every instrument.

"That's the most difficult thing," he said. "That means you're playing them one at a time. So that means he'll put his drum track down first, and he's playing an entire song while he's hearing it in his head, then come back and lay the bass, then come back and lay the piano, and then lay the guitars... It's impossible. No one can do this."

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