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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Guns N' Roses reunites: Axl, Slash join forces onstage for first time in 23 years #HNNMusic

Guns N Roses 7

The wording on the marquee outside the Troubadour in Los Angeles said it all: "Not in this lifetime."

For those unfamiliar with that famous quote, that was Axl Rose years ago, after being asked if the original Guns N' Roses lineup would ever reunite.

Well, the impossible happened last night - and it was no April Fools' Day joke.

And despite a strict edict of no cameras in the small L.A. club, a few chosen ones managed to snag photos and clips of an unlikely sight - Axl and Slash together on stage - along with bassist Duff McKagan. The band played a 17-song greatest hits set with a few covers thrown in for good measure.

For those keeping score, the last time the three rockers were on the same stage together was on July 17, 1993 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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