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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Trump Model Sues for Cheap Labour, alleges Donald Trump cheated her and waits for OUTCOME of case.

The fate of a class-action lawsuit filed by a Jamaican model against Donald Trump's modeling agency, Trump Model Management LLC, will be decided by the end of March, according to Reuters.

The clerk for U.S District Court Judge Analisa Torres told the wire service that the motion by Trump's agency for dismissal will be decided within the month. The suit does not specifically name Trump.

Trump's lawyers said the case is "without merit."

Legal documents from the model, Alexia Palmer, published by ABC News allege Palmer was promised full-time work by Trump's agency, earning $75,000 a year via an H-1B visa. (Trump himself has criticized the use of this type of visa.)

“That’s what slavery people do. You work and don’t get no money," Palmer told ABC News.

In court papers, according to Reuters, Palmer said she instead earned $3,880.75 over her three-year contract. The suit was filed in October 2014.

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