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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Stop Agitating for #Biafra and start agitating for Fuel and Power #HNNBiafra

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Yinmu>>> Stop agitating for ‪#‎Biafra‬
Start agitating for petrol and electricity
Begin agitating for yourself not for a retard in prison brainwashing u with useless slogans ‪#‎BiafraOrDeath‬. Spelling Yorrobbers, Foolani and wonder why some of your tribal friends call u Biafraud. When Kanu is released he will flee Nigeria for the UK and then who's next to feed you hate. He will care less about you. DSS is in control, followed by King Buhari and God

Henry E Emmanuel Kemi dont mind those empty brains, fighting for wat will never come to reality. can they tell us how many powerful igbo men can show their face saying they are supporting biafruad? One Nigeria jare
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Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Well said.
LikeReplyCommented on by Kemi Hnn-Africa Seminars39 mins
Henry E Emmanuel Thanks Kemi
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Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
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Dexter Phoenix Joseph I'd advise everyone not to comment on the woman's comments. don't give her the attention. efulefu k'ôbù....
'nd by the way, Biafra or death!! lolzzz ...See More
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Isaiah Uche If you want to let a fool know she is foolish just ignore her.
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Ebimoboere Ibigibo Self determination is universal right which the world adopted it,,,,Nnamdi kanu did not commit any crime by asking the freedom of Biafra people,,,,we Biafra are waiting until buhari and DSS foolishly sentence Nnamdi kanu for life prison,,,then that war buhari is looking for,he will see it,,,,1967 civil war between nigeria and Biafra,,,the western world claimed they did not know what lead to 1967 nigeria Biafra war but this time,internent and technologies have made it possible for Biafra to show the world what is happening,,,,when this war will start,buhari and DSS will answer the world what lead to this new war in nigeria,,,the world now know the injustice Biafra people are facing in nigeria,,,,my prayer is let buhari and DSS kill Nnamdi kanu or sentence him to death,,,then that war nigeria is looking for,they will see it and ready to tell the world what kanu did and what his crime was,,,,
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Bose Mosese One love one Nigeria united we stand decided we fall we are meant to be together.
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Anachuna Phillano Together with who? Then go n marry an Hausa man bcos unity begins with u.
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Hawau Suleimon but I thought madam kemi was supporting #biafra initially? Am happy u are supporting #onE naija now
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Alametu Adejor Hahahahahaha.make I just dey laugh...
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Ifechukwu Stephen Okoye this name
LikeReply17 mins
Bose Mosese Hahahhhaha another extra hour am loving it, madam KOO ride on
LikeReply39 mins
Jideofor Udezue @Kemi, We Biafra all know your type,
Yorubas i told u people dat d marriage between u people with d northerns will never last nd u guys refuse to listen...See More
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Valentine C Okeke BREAKING NEWS???JUNK
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Greatman Cenachim childish
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Chima Chioma Pls my follow BiAFRANS"iPOB world whild Pls and Pls iwant to
Be the Last idiot and full that wil
Comment on this useless ibadan hopeless harlot page"why ihappen to come inthis Form is that'One her best friend inform me that".She Kemi O o get Sick and Blood shortage
Wen ever she post and no Body Like Or Comment,so the best way to send Her to early grave is to
Stop commenting Or like to Her Page';very important information please!!!She shall be berried together wen the ZOo wil fall'Bcus the ZOo must FALL!

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