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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Nigerian soldiers SEIZE Pro-Biafra newspaper! #HNNBiafra

Poor Biafra agtators telling me with hatred not to report Biafra anymore are now getting their own newspapers seized by the military and probably on orders from the Nigerian government. Yes I believe they truly incite hate among Nigerians, the level of hate on my Facebook page is an example. Sooner or later the online newspapers will be clamped on. A journalist has to report any stories about Biafra.

A team of soldiers believed to be attached to the 144 Battalion, Asa, Ukwa West local council, Abia State, yesterday invaded a newspaper office along St. Michael’s Road, Aba and seized copies from vendors. the confiscated papers were both unsold and new editions of New Republic, Vesym, Freedom Journal and some copies of Authority newspapers.

Eyewitnesses told Vanguard that the soldiers that arrived in two Hilux vans in the area which serves as the hub of newspaper business in Aba, at about 7am and confiscated newspapers bearing pro-Biafra stories.

According to the eyewitnesses, the soldiers packed the unsold and current editions of the said papers into their vans and left the place and vowed to arrest the publishers of the various newspapers.

“At about some minutes past seven, soldiers in two Hilux vans arrived this place (St. Michael’s) with one of the vendors asking to know who publishes or supplies the newspapers. The newspapers they confiscated were New Republic, Vesym, Freedom Journal and some copies of Authority newspapers that carried Biafra stories. They packed all of them into their van and promised to come back,” the eye witnesses said.

A publisher, who would not want to be mentioned in an interview with journalists however, condemned the action of the military, and denied that pro Biafra newspapers incite hatred among the people.

According to him, the military are overstepping their bounds and vowed that “No amount of efforts by the military to gag the press will work. We are publishing reports about Biafra like other national dailies do. Let the military go and close down all the media houses because they are carrying Biafra stories, after all, we are not the only people publishing stories on Biafra.”

With files from Vanguard

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