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Monday, March 7, 2016

LETTERS FROM AN #HNNAFRICAN: Biafra does not represent me #HNNImpact

I received a letter yesterday from an individual regarding how I have been covering the Biafra agitation crisis. The letter came from one of my longtime readers who insisted that the cause was a waste of time and did not represent her and her family. Below is the letter: 

Dear Madam KOO,

I am writing about HNNAfrica and the old format that was so exciting. What happened to our favourite HNN hashtags, the videos of #HNNFood, #HNHealth and your community interviews on the streets with people #HNNCommunity? It seems it is all Biafra this and Biafra that on your page now. I am very disappointed in these illiterate insignificant amount of nonentities fighting for a lost cause. I lost many of my family ancestors in Biafra in 1967. I will never know them and I have moved along. I am about your age so I was 6yo too during that war. What I noticed is that these fools are now insulting you because you are simply telling them to stop using a "death" slogan. Before they arrived on your page, there were 53,000 of us here for a long time before they became 58,000. Don't let 5000 street urchins stop your good work. We are not Biafrans. We are Nigerians and will remain that. I definitely understand your point of advising them not to chant "Biafra or Death" and many don't want to listen. I see no reprieve for Nnamdi Kanu. Buhari is going to lock him up for a long time. He has committed a felony act of treason. Installing transmitters on Nigerian masts so that he can spread his hate. It is this hate that his followers have now began unleashing on your page and knowing you, you never give a damn about your critics. Don't let them take your focus away from your good work. I watched your video on Biafra or Death and you spoke well. The audio circulating over the internet as a video is not clear to them. They have no idea that it was your Bianca Biafraud audio you posted publically in 2012 after her fraud claims on FFK. I heard it again and yes you had the right to blast all the Igbo frauds working for her at the time. Whatever the case, we educated Igbo Nigerians are not interested in Biafra. No public figure or celebrity will ever identify with these agitators, no big international media has cared. People got themselves killed while antagonizing police and security forces and CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera did not cover it. Don't let these agitators wear us down. Bring back #HNNAfrica the way it was. Biafra is our past and never our future. Biafra does NOT represent me.

Margaret Uche Okwu
A dedicated fanpage member of

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