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Friday, March 4, 2016

Is Singer Ciara's man displaying body language? #HNNMusic

Power couple Ciara and Russell Wilson were spotted sitting next to Kelly Rowland at the Lanvin read-to-wear S/S 2016 runway show at Paris Fashion Week. If you study body language, you will quickly pick up on the signs that Wilson is displaying. You will remember she was just here in Lagos for Darey's concert and also danced on the streets with Kaffy.

Remember that body language is subconscious. That means you aren’t fully aware of the signals your body sends out.

Wilson’s body language is the perfect example of a man who is into his woman. He leans in; his body is turned toward her. His feet are slightly turned toward her. Wilson’s closed body language (particularly his loosely clasped hands) is a sign that he is not available to other women; he is taken.

When a man is available, his body language is open. His arms and legs are uncrossed. His hands are not clasped. His feet are more than shoulder width apart.

Notice that Kelly Rowland’s body language is also closed. Her shoulders are squared, her hands are tightly clasped, meaning she is definitely not available.

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