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Friday, March 18, 2016

Groupie pays $800 to meet Floyd Mayweather and has been with him since! #HNNShowbiz

Raemarni Ball and Floyd Mayweather

A British groupie paid 600 pounds ($869 USD) to meet American boxerFloyd Mayweather, Jr., and her investment paid off. She’s been by his side ever since.

According to the NY Daily News, 19-year-old Raemarni Ball made the most of her brief meet-and-greet with Mayweather in Cannock, England last month.

The teenager worked her feminine wiles on the 39-year-old playboy boxing champ while other fans queued up to take photos with him.

Mayweather was so impressed with the Instagram model that he flew her and her sister on an all-expenses paid trip to America, making stops in Los Angeles, Miami and other U.S. cities.

Ball is Mayweather’s type: light skinned with long hair and exotic looking. He treats women like he treats his prized collection of sports cars. He discards them as soon as the new model comes out.

Ball’s sister, Relissa Ricketts, is documenting Ball’s jet-setting trip on Instagram.

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