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Friday, March 4, 2016

Facebook Logo reinstated on my Wikipedia Profile after titles Madam, Dr and Igbo name Nkem removed

I told my fans that I lost the Facebook link on Wikipedia when I decided to adopt an Igbo name on Facebook or add my legal title of Dr and even once changed it to Madam. Some fans say I'm no longer in solidarity with them anymore. Spare me the rhetoric. Nkem is not my legal name. Wikipedia is a legal name based encyclopedia. Even a doctorate degree in pharmacy cannot be added as a title on Wikipedia and I was forced to remove it on my Facebook profile. You can now see why I removed them all.

The Facebook logo vanished and media houses looking to book me could not find me. Check other public figures and you will see the profiles they mostly used displayed. Facebook is mine and I wanna be easily found. The only thing that will end my solidarity with Biafra actualization are violent people chanting Biafra or Death. How stupid can people be? Even the Pope warned agitators this week to be patient. Many are choosing violent words when we have a former dictator in power and a potentially inflammatory fixed trial on the way for Nnamdi Kanu. Don't add to his problems!

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